Barbet Koi & Neo Mahler

Barbet Moderne och Vieux Griffon Barbet

In A Barb[i]et World

Barbet ett wildcard i rashundsvärlden?

All in here is upside down! We make up rules in how breeders shall breed but we don’t know the facts behind the breed, his heritage and his today’s actual status. Shouldn’t we first get to know the breed and then discuss how to best support and guide around him?

It is quite obvious that most people do not know about the mess created around this breed and which kept on going and growing for many years because responsible in a organized dog world did not bother do their job, to check their sources, to study and learn about the breed in which we discuss. Still to this very day Breed Clubs do not explain nor mediate about his divided history which they are a big part of and probably the main reason to why they choose to totally ignore it. What is left of the old type can’t afford to be disregarded much longer because it will be totally lost in our ignorance to face facts and in crosses of whatever.

A organized dog world seems uninterested to care, study and learn and even less to take responsibility. We have been offered help by experts in how to manage this most complicated situation - but most breeders were not interested to invest in a breed we don’t know much about but which still can produce cute pups for good money.

Stupidity will not help a breed but knowledge and education can! Is it time for a Barbet World to open the door to balance and invite reality?