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A well researched story or a fairy tale?

This weekend it is Stockholm annual dog show. A big dog event to meet, show and compete but also to highlight and inform about our many different dog breeds, their heritage, function and well-being.

This year with a special historical theme of the Swedish children’s books author and illustrator, Elsa Beskow (1874-1953) and the little black Poodle named Dot, illustrated in her famous and lovely tale of Aunt Green, Aunt Brown and Aunt Lavender.

Aunt Lavender with black Poodle Dot, Elsa Beskow

To connect history into the present is a excellent way to inform and encourage learning. To define one breed from another is always very helpful. With many tales also stories easily gets mixed up…like that one behind the Barbet which often is confused with the history of the Poodle. Can You tell fairy tale from facts? Sort one from the other? I am still learning from another factual, well expressed and aware author and teacher. Communicate more and enjoy successful learning wherever you may be this very weekend filled with hope and wishes!

Below letter is written by Elaine Fichter in France and was adressed to Swedish dog show judges earlier this year. A letter to inform about the Barbet, his history and the mixed up present and gives a good overview to a complex background for all who share an interest and wants to learn for clarity and a greater understanding. Informative, explanatory and easy-to-understand.

Today’s sad fact is that influential people are aware but choose to stay silent and ignore the facts. Is it time to distinguish fairy tales from reality?

More about Elsa Beskow
More about the Barbet

The lovely mug above is from Elsa Beskow Collection, Design House Stockholm in which designer Catharina Kippel interprets not only Aunt Lavender but also many other well known motives from Elsa Beskow’s tales.

Sida 1 Barbet letter to judges, E Fichter.
Sida 2 Barbet letter to judges, E Fichter.
Historie en images

Sida 3 Barbet letter to judges, E Fichter
Sida 4 Barbet letter to judges, E Fichter
Sida 5 Barbet letter to judges, E Fichter

And last but not least a Birthday wish to a very special and dear girl,
Ermengarda aka Coccolina who is 14 years old today,


Coccolina firar sina 14 år i december 2018

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