Barbet Koi & Neo Mahler

och så förstås han som bestämmer, Little Big Mac!

What's in your cup?



You mix a bit of both, add some milk and sell that beverage to me as it was coffee. I am not familiar to either of them so of course I believe you when you say you just sold me a cup of hot aromatic coffee. With time, knowledge and experience I learned how to recognize both coffee and tea well enough to separate them and their significant differences in taste and color. Even with milk I can now easily tell them apart. You just poured a ounce of coffee to the tea and blended it with milk. I now understand it was mostly tea and milk in the cup you sold to me. Of course, I am now interested to know, so I ask WHY you said it was coffee? If you say you knew and did it anyway, it is fraud. If you answer you didn’t know and thought it was, means you are as ignorant as I once was. Both answers mean I am fooled.

My difficulty is I now have a much too strong, big and heavy mixed rare dog (but - ohh sooo gorgeous and cute) than that specific long-haired, middle-sized, old and rare, rustic and balanced purebred I have been reading and asking questions about before buying my Barbet. For those of you responsible is the difficulty that you are not accurate by presenting the whole spectra of the breed Barbet, his tangled history and mixed presence, so that we can make our choices in awareness. But also to be prepared, considerate and understand many of the differences within today’s Barbet. We have to collect data, learn about facts to define the breed and express the goal to which we are working towards. Tell me, is it the old breed or the much later and taller modern one? Maybe you prefer today’s result, in its still increasing and now many variants? Not even a twenty year old mix between those two different breeds, there both types are rare and have been cross-bred to even more breeds.

We all like different so I don’t have a problem with what you choose or prefer so please do as you like. But IF you are to inform, guide and promote, breed and sell you have to show me the facts. We have to be both specific and truthful about a pedigree dog, his ingredients and your own intentions. Even if you are very skilled, experienced and have a clear goal towards a specific breed and a type there can still be unexpected results out of influences in many breeds within today’s Barbet. Which is most understandable IF we are aware about the facts we have to consider, deal and work with. Also helpful to know as to be prepared when it happens. The more we are informed and aware - the better we can cooperate towards a defined goal and a specific breed. Facts are a necessity and a sound platform to start a collaboration.

We learn how to define things so that we can be specific about what we mean but also to be understandable and clear and by that able to separate one from the other. If all are same same - why have a pedigree dog and a breed standard and a description at all? It is always an advantage and most helpful if I can rely on the information that coffee really is coffee. As it is to know the fact that tea and coffee are two distinct different products. Mix them if you like and enjoy, but if you are about to sell me your mix you better be specific about what’s in your cup!
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