Barbet Koi & Neo Mahler

och så förstås han som bestämmer, Little Big Mac!

En rasbildares vision

De finns två typer av människor som kan skada ett samhälle.
De som vet men som inte säger något men i lika hög grad de som inte vet men som säger och gör desto mer.

Nedan följer några ord från Elaine Fichter och ett utdrag ur hennes historiska arkiv som återger ett skrivet brev från barbet moderns skapare, J C Hermans.

According to Jean Claude Hermans and in his own words:

"The problem being with the will to simplify things or by laziness, people often says barbet i/o Griffon_Barbet, and that was confusing in the mind of some people. Because Barbet and Griffon Barbet are 2 different breeds.
When I decide to remake the barbet, I sometimes saw some dogs who were typed Griffon-Barbet and I had to eliminate them from reproduction. At some point I thought it might have been interesting to kill 2 birds with one stone, and to work simultaneously and separately in reconstituting the barbet and the Griffon-Barbet, but I gave up because I knew I would get no support from official dog instances or kennel clubs, and that people were already so much trying to create problems for me with my barbet, that adding the Griffon-Barbet would have raised hackles.
I do have an idea to remake the Griffon-Barbet in a simple way, but I’m keeping it to myself.
J de Coninck wrote the standard for the Griffon-Barbet called Barbet d’arrêt. As when breeds are extinct, their names are never taken off official nomenclature, the barbet still officially existed along with the standard for a Griffon-Barbet. Thanks to that I was able to officially modify the standard and go from a Griffon-Barbet to a barbet without saying anything. At the time, the nomenclature was modified and the new barbet was able to change groups and be with his brothers from other countries. We have therefore recreated the barbet thanks to the standard of another breed and thanks to the confusion of misleading information.
Who knows? Perhaps in 50 years, a fellow dog lover as crazy as I was will reincarnate the Griffon-Barbet of the 1850’s…."

It seems that things are getting a bit carried away. The ONLY person to start all this mess is Mr Hermans. He is the one who said the breed was extinct. Barbet is a generic word to describe any dog any size with a beard and a long coat. Then it became a Poodle in many countries, but still called Barbet in France until people started using CANICHE, but it is the same dog. The GRIFFON BARBET or Barbet d'arrêt for which the standard was written in 1886 was NOT a Poodle type, nor did it have a POODLE thin curly frizzy coat. That it was extinct is also a rumour carried out by the FRENCH BREED CLUB thanks to several who were happy to repeat it here and there.